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Are you a large micro brewery, a home brewer, a corporate restaurant chain or a small pizza and pub joint looking for beverage grade CO2? Whatever your size, let us be your first introduction to Cylinders or Bulk CO2. No account is to big or to small! With an expert beverage technician on staff, we will always be the first to answers your questions and arrive quickly for emergencies! Geer Gas also offers short term agreements, usage analysis, and a preventative maintenance programs to help you manage your bottom line!


Beverage Grade CO2


  • Eliminate high-pressure cylinder change-outs
  •  Gas outages during peak rush periods
  • Enable a better use of employees and storage space.
  • Kegs stay fresher and properly carbonated
  • Fewer deliveries


Uninterrupted flow of CO2 eliminates flat drinks and ensures proper drink calibration. Perfect soda dispensing presentation increases customer satisfaction and eliminates complaints of poor taste and flat beverages.


Gas stored at low operating pressure, plus zero cylinder handling, reduces job-related injuries.


Save on labor, lost residual gas and operational costs associated with the high cost of high-pressure cylinders.

Vaporman 125 and GeN2


Geer Gas invites you to explore top of the line technology that will enhance your systems when coupled with our Bulk Carbo series tanks.

The Vaporman 125 is a welcome addition to the MicroBulk system that will provide warm CO2 gas to the point of use. It enhances the high flow from the tank’s internal vaporizers and provides attachment points to connect either a single tank, or multiple manifolded tanks.

The GeN2 coupled with a Chart Carbo-Mizer bulk tank is ideal system to provide the correct blended gas mix. This system provides a reliable, uninterrupted flow of individual or mixes gas and eliminates the need to change-out high pressure cylinders. It is dependable, accurate and cost effective.

Swimming Pools


Using Bulk CO2 is now used in swimming pools to balance the pH level in chlorinated water. It is the safest, most reliable alternative to using acid. Maintaining the proper pH level is critical to ensure swimmers’ comfort and safety.


One stationary automatic system provides continuous CO2 flow and eliminates high-pressure cylinder change-outs.


CO2 lowers the alkalinity of the water protecting it against sudden spikes in pH and improving water clarity.


Eliminates the use of dangerous acids, acid feed pumps and the potential for hazardous fumes.


Reduces CO2 use and cost up to 30% with no residual CO2 returned to the supplier.

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